Zhao Gong

Zhao Gong

  • B.E.
  • R.A.
  • School of Electronic and Information Engineering
  • Beijing Jiao Tong University

Research Area

  • Signal processing
  • Data Analyzing

Contact Information


Zhao Gong got his bachelor degree in School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beijing Jiao Tong University, P.R. China. He majored in automatic control (EE domain). Now he is a research assistant in the Electromagnet Tomography Lab.

Selected Project

  • Rewriting of the Three Sites Ultrasonic Position System.
  • Developing of Real-time Signal Processing.
  • The hardware of High precise programmed discharger.
  • Real-time measurement platform based on Apache Storm.
  • Provide online Latex collaborate system and containerize
  • Provide an online data processing system by using Spark and Jupyter.