Electromagnetic Tomography Laboratory

  • Electromagnetic Tomography System


Magtomo means Magnetic Tomography. Magtomo Lab is a laboratory focus on Electromagnetic Tomography research and application in School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, P.R.China. Our ongoing research includes Electromagnetic Tomography, rail defect inspection using EMT and eddy current method, precise instrumentation, railway signaling, and train's brake system testing.

Magtomo Lab is also a laboratory of IACS (Institute of Advanced Control System). The homepage of IACS is http://iacs.bjtu.edu.cn.

The purpose of these pages is to introduce the Electromagnetic Tomography (EMT, also called Magnetic Inductance Tomography, MIT) and related research works in Beijing Jiaotong University and enhance the academic exchange with interested researchers. The introductions include: Research Topics, Team Members, and Technology Posts.

The URL of this website is http://EMT.bjtu.edu.cn. And the WeiXin (WeChat) public account is "MagtomoLab". Scan or Click the Left QR code to subscribe.Scan the Right QR code to view this site on cell phone.

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Electromagnetic Tomography Laboratory in Beijing Jiaotong University, P.R.China