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Electromagnetic tomography system with deep learning image reconstruction algorithm

EMT, which is also known as Electromagnetic Inductance Tomography, is one of the electrical Process Tomography (PT) technologies. It is a mix of the electromagnetic theory and the computerized tomography technology. The sensor of EMT can generate electromagnetic excitation field in the measured space and acquire the boundary magnetic inductance around the measured space. EMT system can reconstruct spatiotemporal distributions of the conductive and/or ferromagnetic materials. Furthermore the sensor of EMT system also has the advantages of non-invasive, non-contacting and non-hazardous. Therefore EMT has the potential to be used in the fields of industrial multi-phase flow measurement, chemical abstraction, foreign material monitoring, geologic exploration and bio-medical research.


Figure 1. Electromagnetic Tomography System Development


Figure 2. EMT Excitation Field Sensitivity Distribution