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Sound Description Table

Describing sound can be very difficult for a non-native speaker. Here is a table of sound description from internet.

1BangingSlamming a wooden screen door
2BongingHitting a large gong
3BoomingRumble of distant thunder
4BuzzingElectric razor
5ChafingRubbing dry hands together
6ChatteringWindshield wipers across a dry windshield
7ChirpingBird or cricket call
8ClackingRailroad car wheels rolling on a track
9ClangingCow bell or dinner bell
10ClankingWrench dropped on concrete
11ClappingHands clapping
12ClashingCymbals hitting together
13ClatteringFalling bowling pins
14ClickingExtending and retracting a ballpoint pen
15ClinkingEmpty bottles hitting each other
16ClunkingSlamming a heavy wooden door
17CrackingIce cubes breaking when dropped in water
18CracklingWood burning in a fireplace
19CreakingOpening a door with rusty hinges
20CroakingFrog call
21CrunchingWalking on dry snow
22DroningDistant propeller-driven airplane
23DrummingNervous fingers tapping a desk
24FlutteringFlag flapping in the wind
25GratingShovel raked over pavement
26GrindingSharpening a tool on a grinding wheel
27GroaningTwisting wooden beam on a ship
28GrowlingDog protecting his food
29GurglingWater down a bathtub drain
30HissingLeaking tire
31HootingOwl call
32HowlingWind blowing through a leaky door
33HummingHigh-voltage transformer
34JinglingKeys hitting each other
35KnockingKnuckles rapping a wooden door
36MoaningBlowing across the top of an empty bottle
37Oil canningFlexing a metal gas can
38PatteringRain drops hitting a window
39PingingPebbles rolling around in a tin can
40PoppingCork coming out of a champagne bottle
41PoundingHitting your fist on a desk
42RappingJudge using a gavel
43RoaringSpeeding 4脳4 truck with open-tread tires
44RumblingBowling ball rolling down an alley
45ScratchingRubbing two pieces of paper together
46SlappingDribbling a basketball on a hardwood floor
47SquealingSkidding tires
48TickingTapping a pencil point on a desk
49WhiningDistant siren
50WhistlingSteam coming out of a tea kettle
51rattleDisk brake pad hitting disk
Sound Description Table

Will continue adding and updating for learning purpose.